Bored/British Fashion Awards

I never really have anything on here for some strange reason I feel pressure like people will read it, but then again it’s on the interest anyone can😂Anyway I’m really bored so I though I would right about the fashion awards that took place tonight in London.

I really loved what Kate Moss wore, it was vintage but it looked so classy she never seems to fail with her chosen outfits. Who else looked good.. Ermm Karlie Kloss her outfit was so nice!! Her youtube videos are just the best, of you haven’t watched them you really should they are highly recommended. She does a number of things from baking to traveling they are very intertaining to watch. 

Anyway I better see now I’m kind of tired I have college tomorrow and I really don’t have the energy, cannot wait to break up next week for Christmas🙌🏼

Goodnight all! Xx


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